Why Invest in Belize?

Secluded in the Yucatan Peninsula of Central America, Belize offers some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery in the Caribbean. Add to this spectacular waterfalls, dense virgin jungles, the world's second-largest barrier reef, magnificent Maya archaeological sites, stunning wildlife to rival any destination, the alluring Maya Mountains rising to over 1,100 meters and an easy-going, friendly and noticeably uncrowned character. It’s no wonder Belize is now regarded The Jewel of the Caribbean.

Blue HoleBelize has evolved into a world-renowned ecotourism and adventure destination. Be it sea kayaking among some of the best marine reserves in the world, exploring the largest cave system in the Americas, sailing through a Palm-studded island chain scattered along the barrier reef, diving on three of the only four coral atolls in the entire Caribbean, or simply relaxing in a hammock beneath a coconut tree, Belize offers it all and more! Jacques Cousteau marveled at Belize's amazing Blue Hole dive site renowned amongst scuba divers the world over. Thanks to the government's environmental preservation policies, more than 46 percent of the land is legally set aside and over 50 percent of the original forest remains intact--a remarkable feat!

Belize is home to sea turtles, dolphins, abundant coral ecosystems, world-class game fish, 566 bird species, stunning tropical flowers, jaguars, manatees and magnificent whale sharks. Belize spells adventure! Come see for yourself.

Being approximately the size of Massachusetts or Wales, Belize offers everyone so much in such a little space. When one looks beyond the stunning natural wonders, one discovers secure investment, retirement, and lifestyle opportunities hard to beat. Belize is currently experiencing an exceptional tourism and development boom and an excellent investment opportunity exists today. Land and condominium prices have experienced significant appreciation and prices are still 50 percent below prices of similar properties in the Bahamas.

Now more than ever, the world's rich and famous are visiting and investing in Placencia. Francis Ford Coppola recently opened his second Belizean resort in Placencia. Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro purchased property in Belize and Bill Gates was recently in Placencia considering a purchase. The investment opportunity has recently become very attractive and continues to have room to expand for many years.

Cockscomb WaterfallKeep in mind the simple things in life when considering your next home purchase. Ideas to consider include ease of access, safety and security, and simply getting around. Belize (formerly British Honduras) is a very safe, cozy country protected by British law (similar to those in the United States) and blessed by a stable political system.

Full, unrestricted ownership of land by foreigners is also a significant advantage to other Caribbean nations including Costa Rica and Mexico. No need to hassle with confusing 99-year leases, complex squatter issues or governments reclaiming your precious property. Belize offers extensive financial incentives such as zero income tax, zero capital gains tax and offshore banking. Peace of mind is what ownership in Belize is all about.

Short, direct flights from several major cities in the United States are available daily. Direct flights from Europe will soon replace the one-stop flights currently available from Britain. English is the official language so getting around and enjoying the people and country is hassle-free.


So, what are you waiting for? The opportunities are endless and life is good in Belize!