Offshore Companies

Welcome to the wide world of Offshore! For many people when they hear the word "offshore company" they think of Hollywood movies or riding around in a super yacht. The reality is that as the world economies change and privacy laws start to deteriorate, more and more people look for ways to give themselves less exposure and create a channel that allows them to invest in Belize real estate without having their personal information publicly revealed. 

Basically, an offshore company retires your assets or the assets of your business overseas. It’s not about hiding money from the government or attempting to evade taxes. It’s an opportunity to protect your assets and realize financial benefits, and there are two ways to do that in Belize.

Local Belize Company

A Local Belize Company costs approximately $1,000 USD as a one-time fee. There can be one or more directors of the company but only one director is needed to open the company. During the time of setup, you must write Articles of Incorporation and the Memorandums, which you submit along with the company name. Upon opening up a Belize company, you are issued a Certification of Incorporation. Every year you must file the annual returns, if any, to keep the company in good standing.

An International Business Corporation 

Businesses can open an "IBC" in a number of different countries, please contact us to determine the best option for your investment needs. The cost of an IBC can vary but typically we can open an IBC for you for $1,500 USD with an annual renewal fee of $1,000 USD a year. Please note that you cannot open a Belize IBC and then put your ownership of real estate into this company name. It is illegal for a Belize offshore company to own Belize property and, for this reason, we usually instruct our clients to open up an IBC in a different country with our assistance and then that company can own Belize property.

To arrange for your own private consultation to determine your offshore needs please, contact us.