Buying In A Tropical Paradise

Imagine living in a beachfront casita or on one of the 450 sun-drenched cayes of Belize. Sounds relaxing, but buying real estate in Belize requires the same common sense as purchasing real estate in your country.

Buying a home in Belize is a smart choice for any of the following reasons:

  • Retirement living
  • A second home
  • Investment property
  • Vacation home
  • Primary single-family residence

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Retirement Living Made Easy!

Anyone 45 years and older can enjoy the extraordinary benefits of retiring in tropical Belize and qualify* for the Qualified Retired Person (QRP) program, which includes the benefits of:

  • Including their dependents (i.e., spouses & children under 18). Children up to the age of 23 can be included if enrolled in a university.
  • Importing their personal effects free of all import duties and taxes, upon first entering Belize if transported by an approved means of transportation.
  • Being exempt from paying all taxes and levies on any income (or receipts) made outside of Belize, whether that income is generated from work performed or from an investment.

*To qualify for the QRP Program a person must prove permanent and consistent income from investment (abroad or in Belize), pension, or other retirement benefits.

Why Buy in Belize?

Let’s face it -- there are many real estate choices in the world today. What makes Belize a special place to own real estate? Below are just a few of the reasons.

  1. The Boston Globe reports that Belize is a much better choice for real estate investment than countries like Costa Rica or Panama. That’s because the government in Belize is much more transparent and being an ex-British colony, the laws regarding property purchase and transfer as well as related papers are in English, which makes them easy to comprehend. Chances of your investment depreciating are very slim in Belize.
  2. English is the spoken language in Belize unlike other countries of the region. Demand for a vacation home here or retirement home is very high; making selling a home here easier.
  3. Foreign buyers never face any kind of restriction while buying property in Belize.
  4. Property taxes in Belize are very low and buyers don’t have to pay any kind of estate tax or capital gains.
  5. Tourism industry makes rental properties in demand and tax on rental incomes is only 1.75% of the gross receipts.
  6. Property prices continue to rise in Belize. And it hasn’t grown suddenly, but naturally as demand for available real estate shows no sign of falling in the near future!
  7. Its Beauty -- Belize makes people come to the country again and again because it offers.

Life here is good but not costly. All these benefits make Belize the best market for you to invest in real estate.

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