4 Reasons Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination

4 Reasons Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination

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Choosing a place to retire isn’t an easy decision–but there are a few things you can do to make the process much easier on yourself. Ask yourself this: are you interested in moving to a location with a warm climate year-round, that has access to beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife of all kinds, which also provides an endless amount of activities for locals, tourists, and retirees alike? If so, you need to consider buying Belize real estate and living in Belize after you have retired. Let’s take a more detailed look at why you’ll love Belize as a paradise for retirees and what makes Belize a Dream Retiree Destination.

Reason #1: Belize is absolutely gorgeous

4 Reasons Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination

You can’t beat the views in Belize–you simply can’t. Belize has an abundance of natural landscapes and resources, including stunning beaches with beautiful waters, rain forests that stretch on for miles and miles, hiking trails, the 2nd largest coral reef in the world, and so much more. Where else could you see literally more than 400 species of fish while snorkeling? Or spot over 500 different species of birds with a careful eye and a pen to mark your catalog? When people think of paradise, they think Belize–and that’s based on its beauty alone.

Reason #2: You can afford to live well (no, really!)

4 Reasons Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination

One of the most common concerns for retirees is that they won’t be able to maintain their current lifestyle on a retiree pension or check. In Belize, however, the cost of living can be much lower when compared to other countries–espcially areas like the United States or the United Kingdom. What would barely help you scrape by at your home in Tennessee may land you a beautiful 3-room cottage with windows that open up against a sparkling cove. You will find that your dollar stretches pretty fair in Belize–just be prepared to have your money exchanged to Belize currency, since although many shops will take USD for items, you’ll get the weaker Belize currency as your change.

Reason #3: Belize is very laid back and relaxing

4 Reasons Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination

The ability to finally relax and take things slow and easy is a big concern for many retirees. If you want to live somewhere without intense pressure, constant deadlines, or the underlying feeling that things must get done–and done NOW–then Belize is the place for you. Locals are very laid back and things get done when they get done, rather than being rushed about and finished in a frenzy.

Reason #4: It’s not too far away (especially if you live in North America)

4 Reasons Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination

If you’re retiring from the United States, then buying Belize real estate won’t take you too far away from your family and friends back home. The continental United States is only about 2 hours away by plane, although states farther away from the border will take a few extra hours. And since it’s so close, your family will be able to visit you on your new island paradise!

So there you have it: 4 Reasons Why Belize is Your Dream Retiree Destination. We hope that you will find this list helpful. Nobody knows Belize Real Estate like Sandy Point Real Estate! Considering retiring in Belize or Living in Belize? Contact us today to speak to one of our real estate specialists or to arrange a Belize Real Estate tour of San Pedro, Belize that you will never forget!

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